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Coco | Hesi | Fertilizantes
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Fertilizers premium for growth and flowering plants grown in substrate Coco. Fertilizers - NPK. For healthy growth and abundant flowering.

Hesi Coco is food for flowering on a base of coconut substrates. Like all feeding HESI, Hesi Coco thanks to complex-binding substances are also stabilizes and is free of unnecessary ballast. Hesi Coco is not an A & B, A + B components are united in a container. Hesi Coco contains nitrogen, both organic and mineral. All trace elements have been stabilized in protecting complexes and are enriched with vitamins and other vital elements both for the flowering. Thus a perfect balance is created in the system and rapid construction of a healthy microflora is performed. It is possible that the EC of Hesi Coco is somewhat lower than other coco supplements because they have not added salts, which only increase the EC but not feed the plants (ballast).

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