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Damnesia | Strain Hunters
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Damnesia is a variety of popular A.M.S. Thanks to the influence of Amnesia, now the plant has a woody aroma alongside fruity, with subtle hints of flowers and moss. It is a very balanced combination with the best qualities of their parents.

Plant medium to large. It has long branches that form dense colas. Its foliage is light green with reddish tones, the buds have a lot of excellent resin.

Its leaves show sativa traits, but flowering time is contained in 9 weeks. Damnesia feeding needs moderate EC levels between 1.9 and 2.0 depending on the growth parameters. The taste is fruity, tropical fruit mix, very complex and tasty. Damnesia rapidly stimulates appetite, can also be used as a remedy for pain.

Genetics: A.M.S. x Amnesia Haze | 40% indica - 60% sativa (feminized).
Height: medium size with an average internodal distance of 8 to 10 cm.
Flowering indoor: flowering time of 9 weeks. 0.9 gr of bud once dried and manicured per watt per m2 (1,000 W HPS).
Outside Flowering: flowering time of 9-10 weeks with a production up to 1 kilo of dried manicured buds per plant, depending on the final size. It is recommended to put supports in large branches.
Sabor (burnt): woody, fruity, reminiscent of the AMS
Aroma (unburned): sandalwood, frankincense, black pepper.
Looks dry / crumbled bud:
The dried buds are long, pear-shaped and small chalices. The trichomes are dense and thick.
The shredded buds are green with brownish red. Thin and long stigmas.
Speed ​​effect: gradual paste with first instant effects.
Duration of effect: long lasting.
Effect type / quality: intense, mental, social, good for meditation and to stimulate creativity.
Medicinal Qualities: analgesic, appetite stimulant.

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