Doble Reflector Liso para CFL

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Doble Reflector Liso para CFL
Precio : 75.00€

The dual reflector has a reflective surface that is finely textured to promote diffusion of light . The weight is about half that of steel and its heat dissipation is unbeatable. This double rigid reflector is designed for use qualquier CFL lamp market . Smooth curved reflector , made of aluminum and high-gloss anodized totalmete to prevent tarnishing over time. 87 % total reflection of which 18% is diffuse ( incorporated ceramic caps ) . Get improve your returns without increasing power with built-in fan. specs - Double reflector mounted rigid smooth gloss ( 102x50x20cm ) - Ceramic ferrules embedded 2x - Built-in Fan Central - On / off - Power cable included - Ideal for CFL type (Plasma Light / Envirolite ) bulbs - Dimensions: 102x50x20cm - Weight: 7.5 kg Delivery contents - Double Crop Smooth Reflector for CFL Bulbs Fluorescent ( 102x50x20cm ) - Power cable included - Bulbs NOT included
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