Fast Food Autoflowering | BAC Organic

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Fast Food Autoflowering | BAC Organic
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Fertilizer specifically developed for use with auto-flowering fast growing plants , based on a single product for two cycles , masterfully combines the right amount for the needs of this type of plant to be developed in a very short cycle, BAC Fast Food have everything the plant needs to have a good root system capable of providing the necessary nutrients to the leaf mass to get a good bloom.

B.A.C. Fast Food gets the best results with the combination of BAC Auto stimulator Stimulator which regulates us to fertilizer to match the two crop cycles without additional products like P / K or flowering stimulators or terminators , really a fertilizer all in one in which we obtain the best results in both growth and flowering , a fertilizer tailored to the needs of new farmers who want to get big buds in small plants when desired .

Dosage: 4ml per liter of water .


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