Carbon Filter PK 200x450mm 780 m³ / h

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Carbon Filter PK 200x450mm 780 m³ / h
Precio : 135.00€

The new range of filters Coco Eco Filter Prima Klima, are filled with one of the best types of coal in the world, coconut charcoal. It is proven that coconut activated carbon is one of the best at absorbing odors, for its high amount of micro pores.
As coconut charcoal has a higher density than the usual active carbon, we mixed a small percentage of activated charcoal, high quality. This mixture prolongs filter life, and is also much more effective at absorbing odors.

Technical details:

     Flange: 200 mm
     Height: 450 mm
     Airflow: 780 m³ / h

More information:

     Material: steel / carbon CTC70
     Average length: approx. > 1.5 years

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