HortiLight LED (120W)

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HortiLight LED (120W)
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The LED luminaire lamp is more revolutionary culture since the creation of the lamp high pressure sodium . Consuming only 120 W of power and produces virtually no heat , has light intensity and growth rates exceeding that of a 400W HPS The LED power is several times in any culture LED available in the market today. Works for all cycles of plant growth and has a coverage of more than 1 square meter, can be combined with fluorescent lighting, and is ideal for those who want a culture of discreet interior, low power , and without excess temperatures. It is the first LED luminaire applications horticulture technique that implements 7 different wavelengths. With this configuration a wider color range , which responds very accurately to lighting needs of the photosynthesis process is achieved . The LEDs are leading Hortilight light intensity .. We use our own spectrum of tri color, developed through testing in our research and development department . Our high power LED chips give a spectacular intensity light emitting much brighter within the usable spectrum for plant, red and blue. Led Hortilight gives you the perfect combination of strength and balance of the light spectrum . Our models 90W and 120W Led Hortilight are designed to give the plants a suitable spectrum for growth and flowering. Colour composition Hortilight 120W Led : 30 red LEDs , 8 blue LEDs, 13 white leds , 2 oranges and 2 infrared leds led. A Great reduction of energy consumption. Less heat generated . Works for all phases of plant growth . No configuration , no complicated electronics High performance and useful vegetative phase to flowering stage booster .. Less contamination . Long life 80,000 + hours. specs - 120W Hortilight - Long life span of over 80,000 hours - 30 red leds, 8 blue LEDs, 13 white leds , 2 oranges and 2 leds infrared LED . - Consumption: 120 Watts - 230/120V AC Voltage - Angle of refraction : 120 - Dimensions: 400x210x60mm - Weight : 2lbs Delivery contents - Led Lamp 120W Hortilight - Ballast included - Cables and outlet - Quieter ventilation system
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