Pots Felpot

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Pots Felpot
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Pots are high performance geotextile mat, made ​​of polyester 1 quality and made ​​with nylon thread, for all types of plants and trees. Ideal for outdoor / indoor, for drip irrigation systems, immersion and hydroponics. 

Significantly improves the speed of plant growth in a vegetative state. 
Shortens flowering weeks. 
Insulation from the cold in winter, avoiding freezing of roots. 
Freedom of movement and constant flow of oxygen to the roots. 
Increased interaction with water and fertilizer. 
Avoid the variation of PH in the water stagnation in the container. 
Allows chlorine to evaporate water irrigation. 
Isolate heat in summer, allowing air to circulate at the roots and preventing cooked. 
Avoid endless roots and promulgates fixing small supply. 
Better drainage and irrigation water dispersion through the felt. 

The reason, we insist, is the dramatic improvement in root aeration, which prevents the plant is stressed out, lose energy and resources for growth. 

Obviously the fruits produced by plants are spectacular in size and shades.


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