Medidor de EC Adwa (AD31)

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Medidor de EC Adwa (AD31)
Precio : 37.50€

Adwa EC meter is very practical and easy to use, measures electroconductivaidad irrigation water EC and TDS, and also measures temperature. The meter is used to measure the amount of mineral nutrients added to the water. And so get more output.

The meter is completely waterproof, and features a low battery indicator, which indicates when to change the batteries.


- Digital calibration
- Automatic Temperature Compensation (-5 º C to 60 º C)
- Operating temperature (-5 ° C / +50 ° C)
- Low battery indicator
- Automatic shut off
- 3 modes of one measure: EC, TDS and Temperature
- Changeable Electrode
- Calibration: 1413 mS / cm and 1500 ppm
- EC Range: 0 to 3999 mS / cm

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