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Prototype-7 was born in 2007 during a test-dominance indicates on a very early pick in 2002 out of 11 different varieties. 
The results were very sorpendentes: the incorporation of this gene, reduced flowering almost all these 11 varieties without altering the other characters. Thus was born the Prototype-7, from the hybridization of the two earliest indica from our collection. 

It is by far the most narcotic indica we produce, as well as the earliest, Average flowering period is between 45-50 days, but usually appear ready copies in just over 40 days 

It has no branches and concentrated all its production in the central stem this a great looking bud loaded resin 


Hybridization between two quick indica 
[THC] = not available 
Growth period (interior): 20-24días 
Pre-flowering period: 12-14 days 
Flowering time: 45-50 days.

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