Vaporizador Da Vinci | Vaporizadores

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Vaporizador Da Vinci | Vaporizadores
Precio : 190.00€

The Da Vinci pocket vaporizer is the most advanced in the world. With its sleek and stylish design, the Da Vinci is both beautiful and functional.

Say goodbye to butane and enjoy the benefits of vaporizing with electricity. With 3 internal Lithium, Da Vinci is the best resource to vaporize, at home, or on the road, or anywhere. Only charge your batteries, put it in your backpack or fanny pack, and you can take it anywhere.

Being able to adjust the temperature giving you the flexibility you ask, well adjusted to every need of vaporization. Heating only for a minute and a half and you can vaporize.

Do not worry about leaving your Da Vinci on and that you drain power, because after 10 minutes of inactivity, automatically all the elements that heat the Da Vinci thus saving batteries plus off

It is included with your vaporizer Da Vinci:

2 capsules for bho
Brush Cleaner
1 Flexible nozzle
Replacement Grids.
Illustrated manual
Guide temperature.

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