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White Lemon | Strain Hunters
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White Lemon is a very balanced hybrid that has acquired the best qualities of their parents. His legacy of El Niño is evident in leaf shape, size and density of the buds. His legacy of Super Lemon Haze is in the form of branches, smell, taste and shape of the calyx.

White Lemon has average internodal distances. It grows vigorously during flowering. The branches are very strong and can endure long queues. This variety grows well with medium levels of nutrients, and beautifully rendered in all media, interior or exterior.

The rooted cuttings of this variety easily and quickly, which makes it a good choice of spread once it is selected as an exemplary mother. The buds are long, dense, with a large cup and long stigmas. Passed 4-5 weeks of flowering, the odor becomes reminiscent of citrus and Skunk. It is as nebulous as Super Lemon Haze, but has a very strong citrus smell. The effects appear gradually and take a while to reach its peak, thus remaining for long. It has a complex and balanced effects between rush and buzz.

Genetics: The Super Lemon Haze x Child | 50% indica - 50% sativa (feminized).
Height: medium size with an average internodal distance of 8 to 10 cm.
Flowering indoor: flowering time of 8-9 weeks. Produces up to 0.9 grams (bud once dried and manicured) per watt per m2 (1,000 W HPS).
Outside Flowering: flowering time of 9 weeks, very tall plants that can give more than 1 kilo of buds when dried and manicured.
Sabor (burnt): lemon skunk style, slightly hazy.
Aroma (unburned): dry, spicy, with hints of citrus wood, cedar nuts.
Looks dry / crumbled bud: the dried buds are long, dense and compact, covered with thick resin. The chalices are medium / large size, very thick and long stigmas. Shredded green buds are pulling clear, very sticky brown.
Speed ​​effect: gradual.
Duration of effect: long lasting.
Effect type / quality: very intense at first effect, becomes a body stone. Intense and complex.
Medicinal qualities: not yet evaluated.

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